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Skin Sagging? Consider a Botox Procedure in Singapore

Botox Procedure in Singapore

With the immense help of technological advancements, it has become possible to alter parts of our bodies that do not make us particularly happy. Cosmetic surgeries range from minor incisions to lift skin to enlargements of other body parts. Perhaps one of the most popular methods of cosmetic surgery for people with skin elasticity problems is Botox therapy.

What it is:
Botox itself is a form of purified protein that works in the skin cells by allowing them to relax. By relaxing the muscles, it in effect relaxes muscles that engage in wrinkling of the facial features. As a result, the skin assumes a more youthful and relaxed appearance. The Botox Singapore procedure is widely used for the purpose of lifting skin that is hanging, especially facial skin.

best botox singapore

How it’s done:
Botox is a relatively quick and often minimally painful procedure that involves injections of the material, Botox onto the selected parts of skin. It is a non-surgical procedure that does not involve going under the knife. Instead, it uses a fine needle to inject the biologically safe Botox protein into the muscles. The procedure can be used as a corrective measure for many different cosmetic purposes. Some of those include: reducing the intensity of the appearance of facial contouring, lower eyelid, crow’s feet, bunny eyelids, marionette lines, brow lift, neck folds, and of course the well known frown and forehead wrinkles. All these are quite undesirable on facial appearance and Botox had emerged as one of the best and safest ways to rid of them. Most of Botox procedures focus on facial muscles. The corrective effectiveness of a Botox is very much prominent and that is why it is a preferred method for correcting such conditions.

The procedure, being non surgical in nature, takes a relatively short time. Botox in Singapore takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes. This portion of time is use for the actual injection of Botox into the muscles. Variations on time depends on how many different muscles are to be receiving the procedure.

Generally immediately following the procedure, the person is supposed to sit in an upright position for about four hours to allow proper circulation of the protein. It is also advised to make minor facial movements to help in getting the Botox to activate and begin working.

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The results for the procedure can be expected to be visibly seen around three to five days, and ten for full results to be seen after the procedure. The effects generally remain for about six months, but varies between individuals.

Some side effects that have been reported by those who have undergone the procedure include mild bruising on injection site and minor pains which can be relived by pain medications. However, if any serious and persistent pain occurs following the procedure, it is best advised to consult a physician.

Now that you know a bit about what to expect from the procedure, you can know what to anticipate from it. When you have a Botox in Singapore, chances are you will be happy. With many professional dermatologists with proper certifications and years of experience, you can be confident with your choice. This is an insight in botox Singapore services. For botox services, visit Coden Specialists SG.

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The botox singapore-Quality Facial Treatment That You Can Always Count On! 

Are you worried about those awful wrinkles and ageing lines that are starting to appear when you look at yourself in the mirror? Well, don’t worry anymore as there’s a solution for you.


Out of several facial treatments that have been tried and tested, Botox facial treatment is indeed the quickest, easiest and efficient option for you.


What is Botox?

Botox is a natural, purified protein that’s used to relax the muscles in the face. It’s simple and safe method used to minimize wrinkles.


Usually, after an elaborate treatment, the patient develops a smooth fine face and a fresher youthful appearance. Actually, Botox is one of the most sought rejuvenation techniques in the contemporary market.



At the botox Singapore particularly, our Botox treatment can smooth out those horrible wrinkles. We strive to minimize pores, sculpt jawlines and even slim calves.


We usually do our treatments expeditiously. Remember, we don’t need extra recovery time. Thus, even if you’re on a tight schedule you really don’t need to worry. Just fix only ten minutes of your lunch time to attend the treatment.


How does it work?

Botox works in a very simple way. Typically, it relaxes the facial muscles that lie beneath the areas that we utilize more on a daily basis. Such areas include the smile lines on the cheeks, frown lines on the forehead, and also crow’s feet around the eyes.


Botox therefore works to relax these muscles. Gradually, the lines are progressively smooth out. Consequently, new lines are prevented from forming. More on how botox works.


What areas can we treat?

The face: primarily, Botox is used to eliminate wrinkles on the brow area, forehead, and areas around the eyes. Facial shape: Botox works to provide a slimmer, more girlish jaw line. It basically works by minimizing the overall size of the jaw muscles, thus making them look less prominent.Areas around the neck: here, Botox reduce vertical and horizontal lines in the human neckUnderarms: Botox eradicates the smell and sweat associated with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the armpits. Botox works by blocking chemical signals that assigns the body to perspire.


How is it administered? And is treatment painful?

A carefully measured amount of Botox medication is injected directly into selected muscles using a fine needle. Treatment takes less than 10 minutes. Sometimes patients report feeling a quick sting when injected. However, discomfort is very minimal.


At botox Singapore particularly, if a patient reports a case of discomfort while undergoing treatment, we work swiftly to address the issue. We use anesthetic cream to minimize our patients’ discomfort.


Is Botox safe?

Well, Botox has been severely tested and approved to be 100% safe. Moreover, it has been used for decades around the world to address wrinkle cases.


Side effects are slim to none at all. Some people tend to experience temporary headaches or bruising in the area injected. Nevertheless, there’s certainly no downtime. You can absolutely resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.


Who should get the treatment?

Actually, everyone who cares about their outward appearance deserves the treatment. Hence, if you really care about being beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside, then don’t hesitate to get the treatment.

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Getting your looks back with Botox Singapore

Botox is the beauty secret of our time. It rejuvenates the body and gives your skin the flair and beauty that it deserves. It is actually a form of injectable treatment that is derived from purified protein. There is no magic or reconstruction but the injection of purified proteins prevents the contraction of the skin into wrinkles making the outlines of the skin smooth. If you are in Singapore, search Botox Singapore online and you will know where to get the magic product in Singapore.

How the process is done 

To get your desired refreshed look, all you need to do is get a small dose of multiple Botox protein injection into your body. You are not allowed to do it on your won. You will need an expert to inject the right amount of the protein into your body to get your desired effects. You will need the type of purified protein that is specifically intended for the Singaporean skin. The amount will be injected into your body and put just below the skin with a small needle.

The muscle will then relax and the skin loses its wrinkles as it softens with time. All this will take a short time and within a few minutes, you will get a refreshed and natural look. You will also be relaxed. The procedure itself will take a short time. You will need between 10 and 15 minutes before you are ready depending on the areas that you need the Botox injected.

What it does 

With Botox, you get wrinkles off your face and other areas that are aging. It prolongs wrinkles and prevents them from becoming permanent. However, if you will have left the wrinkles for a long time, the lines created by the wrinkles may turn to be permanent and deep. It is always advisable to have your Botox done as soon as possible. This way, you will have a flawless skin throughout. If you have muscle bulk problems, then you can use the same procedure to have a good shape for your face. You can have smaller arms or calves by using Botox. The procedure is also effective in eradicating sweaty palms or armpits. You have a chance to get rid of these disgusting issues.

Other than these procedures, Botox can be used for reconstruction. Botox is effective in brow elation. If you need something to widen the eye area to get an open and refreshed appearance, then the use of Botox comes in handy. Nose bridge enhancement, augmentation of the lips and eradication of the nasolabial folds are among the other procedures that can be constructed using Botox.

If you are in Singapore, it is important for you to get Botox Singapore for the appropriate results. This is the way to get yourself the right procedure to have your reconstruction effective without side effects. Remember, this is an induction procedure that requires that the proteins that you inject into your body are compatible with your body proteins and muscles. The procedure is also sensitive. For this reason, you have to be careful with the protein that you inject in your body.

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Guide to Dental Clinic Singapore

Dental Clinic Singapore

Singapore is regarded the top leading country in provision of dental health care to both locals and foreigners that visit the country to study, work or as tourists. Singapore is ranked 6 in the world by WHO as per the 2000 Healthcare report and is also proud to be the best in Asia in terms of healthcare structure and delivery of services. This outstanding performance extends to its dental clinics in various cities of Singapore. Dental clinics in cities especially those in Orchard Road Shopping belt have attracted tourists and foreigners from Indonesia and Malaysia that work as dental tourists. If you are in Singapore for a vacation do not worry because you are at the heart of dentistry.

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The government of Singapore has fully supported the establishment of equipped dental clinics all over the country and streamlined the quality of services. This has made Singapore the centre of healthcare in Asia, and is considered to be among the countries that provide world class treatment to its people and foreigners. Dental clinic Singapore is gaining popularity inside and outside Singapore. The dental services are of high quality and cost effective to all classes of people.

Singapore is one of the countries with the highest registered dentists. About 30% have attained specialist training. This move has guaranteed the people an improved dentistry sector therefore, protecting its citizens from unqualified dentists. All the registered dentists have their names in Dental Dentist Register that was established by DSAB, which is the body in charge of dentist registration.
There are approximately six dental specialties that are recognized by DSAB include oral and jaw surgery, paediatric surgery, teeth replacement, gum treatment and surgery and root canal treatment. These are the areas the dental clinic Singapore has put resources and concentration to see that dental patience do not go abroad to seek for dental healthcare. Singapore Ministry of Health is ready to sacrifice anything to see the health sector deliver quality to its people.

To be a specialist dentist in Singapore you must possess extra clinical training and academic in a particular field of dentistry in a recognized or accredited institution with mandate to offer dentistry training. You can train abroad or locally, the choice lies in your hands. You can also take exams and competition in your area of specialization. If you pass you can be recognized as a specialist in a particular specialty. All the above are meant to boost dental clinic Singapore.

Prospective patients can check for qualifications of a dentist that is going to attend to them when undergoing dental surgery and treatment by visiting Singapore Dental Council site.